AeroCare Company Limited

Our management team have had a long-term experience with the leading brands with respectable relationship with several customers in various areas of Thailand for years. We could offer more flexibility than larger companies. The distribution network could cover the entire country of Thailand, in the following channels:

Drug store (pharmacies) / Modern Trade
Shopping online (Food supplement)

We can also provide the registration process through the Thai Food and Drug Administration with our expertise. Contracted manufacturer is one of our crucial for both medicine and food supplement.

Not only be a manufacturer, we are also an importer looking for new innovative products to serve our customers. We could offer an exclusive team to market and fulfill principals’ goals. We have contacted the professional logistic service, DKSH Co., Ltd. that could do all the distribution throughout the country.

"คุณภาพเป็นเลิศ กำเนิดนวัตกรรม เทคโนโลยีก้าวล้ำ ทำงานด้วยใจ"